Thomas (Tommy) Stoeckinger

Short Statement

In the same way that scientists forfeit entrenched concepts when they are contradicted with empirical evidence, the structures of visual language and culture (such as figurative representation, and icons of political and religious authority) can be reconsidered in instances when outdated codes clash with evolving perspectives and cultural sentiment. Humor, and the misuse of visual conventions that connote power, undermine pretentiousness and communicate humility. I am interested in how dichotomies (such as between virtual and authentic, connection and isolation, benign and profound, progressive and conservative, digital and analogue) can be constructed into cohesive and meaningful experiences that embrace the possibilities of a liberal contemporary society while acknowledging the usefulness of some traditions that progress is built on. As a whole, my work investigates the desire to find and construct meaning, while attempting to undermine dogmatic and categorical approaches to thought and communication through the creation of objects, digital media, and performance.